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Utility Bill Payments | BBPS

What is BBPS?

The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an RBI-mandated system that offers consumers from all areas an integrated, interoperable invoice payment service with transaction certainty, dependability, and security. It offers bill payment services to consumers through an agent network or online, supports several payment methods, and delivers fast confirmation through email.

Postpaid Bill Payment:

Small company owners and shop owners can make money by operating an online utility bill payment business. As India moves toward digital transactions, processing online payments is a profitable company as bills such as water, electricity, gas, postpaid bills, and internet bills become available online. Become a web user. The MINI BANK INDIA utility bill paying franchise is simple to start because all you need is a shop, a laptop, and a smartphone to use the Bharat bill payment app.

Our online travel booking agents have access to a user-friendly and rapid interface that allows them to book tickets for their consumers using a single wallet system. Recharging the wallet is possible using a variety of methods, including credit card, prepaid card, and net banking.

Why Bharat Bill Pay ?

Standardisation :

Bharat’sBillPay is a business platform that connects bank and nonbank organisations in bill aggregation, billing, payment service providers, and retailers.

Easily accessible :

Allows for continuous payment of invoices via any channel, including BC / Agent branch / bank branch / representative contact models.


Incorporation :

BBPOU (About Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit), i.e., Banks/Non-Banks, should be only connected to BBPCU (Bharat Central Payment Unit) andNPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). Billers must connect to a single BBPOU in order for all customers to paytheir bills.

Settlement and Compensation:

Make multiple liquidation and guaranteed settlements between different parties using standardized rules/guidelines.

Registration Process :

The process of becoming a BBPS agent is simple and secure.

What are the advantages for the customer....?

Customers will appreciate the convenience of paying bills from anywhere, at any time by simply connecting to the BBPS network, either online or through agents.

  • The system will be accessible from anywhere, including that of the zero or minimum banking region.

  • Earn only service charge from the customer side in each BBPS.

  • Any invoice could be paid through a single portal.

  • Bill payment service centres will be available near the client's workplace or residence

  • BBPS could be the payment could be made at any BBPS point of sale.

  • With the use of this system, clients can be assured of security and dependability.

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