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MINI BANK INDIA Travel allows their agents to book railway, flight, bus, and hotel tickets through a single interface. We are proud to run our company in a professional and responsible manner. Our travel agents are inspired and guided by our fundamentals, which enable us to serve a large number of customers. We have carved out a niche in the travel industry that gives us a significant advantage. We have carved out a niche in the travel industry, putting us in a strong position between our suppliers and customers. Travel, we believe, is an experience in and of itself. As a result, it must be simple and painless.

We are always striving to make travel a memorable experience, and our fully automated travel solution is exactly what you require. When dealing with travellers, delivery dates and deadlines are critical. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best solution for our ever-changing requirements. Our illustrious clientele and their testimonials can attest to our excellence.

MINI BANK INDIA Travel and Stay Solutions:

Train Tickets :

Our agents book a train ticket for a client or traveller, give a way to become an IRCTC-approved train ticketing agent, and receive an immediate commission on any ticket sold. The new IRCTC ticket agent will receive all necessary training and explanations in order to give best-in-class customer care.

Our online travel booking agents have access to a user-friendly and rapid interface that allows them to book tickets for their consumers using a single wallet system. Recharging the wallet is possible using a variety of methods, including credit card, prepaid card, and net banking.

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Flight Tickets

We provide domestic and international ticketing services with all combinations and airlines available. With an easy-to-use interface, this service provides the greatest routing possibilities. This is a fully integrated trip management system with a single user interface. Agents may book and confirm tickets promptly and earn commissions.


Bus Tickets

There are occasions when rail tickets are unavailable. Our bus ticket solutions are the greatest option for our consumers in these situations. We work with tour operators and tours to provide this service. We provide an interface that allows users to search for and reserve tickets online. Using this interface, the agent may immediately book and confirm tickets while also earning significant margins on each reserved ticket.


Hotel Bookings

We have a large hotel database that spans multiple cities. We offer quick booking and confirmation in a single interface and cater to all budget and star categories. This service's USP is that we guarantee accommodation availability at deeply discounted rates, providing excellent value to our consumers.

On every room booked, internet hotel booking agents can earn immediate commissions. Our easy-to-use online booking system provides you with comprehensive hotel information. Our fantastic service is designed to make your customers' travel and stay more comfortable in a variety of locations across the world.

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