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Micro/Mini ATM Machine

Micro/Mini ATM Machine

MINI BANK's mission is to create a vast public banking infrastructure that not onlydelivers highquality financial services but also makes them accessible to ordinary Indians in both urban and rural areas.

Supplemental information Branch Community engagement is a Micro/Mini ATM network that offers individuals easy access to financial services. Overall, one of MINI BANK's aims is to narrow the gap between regular individuals' availability and accessibility to simple financial services.

It is a financial innovation that can service any bank client using our portable device with debit card interface, as India's first interoperable operating system. An agent will run the Micro ATM Machine, which will contain a card reader for all cash withdrawal and balance inquiry activities from all bank debit and credit cards.
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What kind of transactions are

available at a Micro/Mini ATM ....?

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Check/Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
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    What are some of the advantages of

    utilizing a Micro/Mini ATM?

  • Now turn your store become an ATM.

  • This is a low-cost alternative for ATMs that already exist.

  • Micro ATM is a small portable device

  • Portable and easy to set up in remote locations.

  • Equipment that is interoperable and may be used by any bank

  • Assisting individuals in becoming helpful in the demonetization process

  • The Micro ATM was created to assist people in rural areas in gaining access to financial services. Micro ATM Machines, on the other hand, are a godsend to everyone when there is a severe cash shortage, as there is now.

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